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Re: pbuilder and ${shlibs:Depends}

>>> Add the missing dependencies manually AND use the variable. (At least
>>> this is what I do in all my packages.
>> Thank you very much! This is really all I needed to know.
> Unfortunately this is wrong, at least for ELF binaries. Usually if you
> don't have all the dependencies that you expect, it's because they are
> optional and are disabled when they are not found during ./configure.

Although I am just a simple DM, I still don't agree completely. Both my
upstreams call binaries (not libraries) in their programs (via a shell
or system call). As far as I can tell, that won't (and should not by the
name) be picked up by the ${shlibs:Depends} variable. Especially for the
shell call, I don't see an other way than providing it manually.

> Adding manual dependencies on C libraries is almost always wrong.

Here I think I agree.


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