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Re: Non standard tar-ball.

On Thursday, March 24, 2011 03:49:38 am Paul Wise wrote:
> dpkg-source doesn't care what is inside the upstream tarball, it will
> always unpack to foo-1.2.3/ and the Debian tarball/diff will be
> unpacked/applied so that foo-1.2.3/debian/ exists.

I guess my question is how to create the source package in the first place,
so that dpkg-source will have some thing to work with.
I look at Debian New Maintainers' Guide 
Chapter 2 - First steps
> Create a subdirectory under your home directory named debian or deb or
> anything you find appropriate (e.g. just ~/gentoo would do fine in this
> case). Place the downloaded archive in it, and extract it (with "tar xzf
> gentoo-0.9.12.tar.gz"). 
This will create a "src" and "doc" directory in the same directory as the 
tarball, there will be no foo-1.2.3 sub directory for me to work with.
So in what directory do I do the initial debianization? the dh_make?
And how do I make sure that the "src" and "doc" directories are inside
the directory in which I do the dh-make? It is very confusing!
>                                        Make sure there are no errors, even 
> irrelevant ones, because there will most probably be problems unpacking on
> other people's systems, whose unpacking tools may or may not ignore those
> anomalies. On your console screen, you should see the following.

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