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Re: RFS: phing (third try)

Nicolas wrote:
> thanks Benoit for your help. I forgot to update debian/copyright file. All
> package is released under LGPL (v3) license.

OK, it looks like most of the files are LGPL (some don't have a license
header though), but now you've removed the names of some of the
copyright holders. It would probably have been best to keep the separate
sections for the files in ./classes, and simply use LGPL-3 in the
License field instead of All rights reserved.

I also note that you're still using the GPL version 2 only for your
packaging, even though it's incompatible with the (L)GPL-3. You should
consider changing it to LGPL-2+.

A few more things about the format of the copyright file:
 - You should used a versioned Format URL in the header; the latest
   revision is:

 - There shouldn't be a blank line between Copyright and Licence in the
   first license paragraph (line 8).

 - You should append the version number for licenses that have multiple
   versions, i.e. LGPL-3 instead of LGPL.

> Zip archive has been removed from that release so no problem for it.

That's good.

> [...]
> I allways search for a sponsor.

I can't help you there, as I'm not a DD.



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