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Guide on using debhelper / dh_dkms to build DKMS packages?

Hello all.

I'm a novice at building Debian packages, but following the New Maintainers' Guide, I've been able to successfully use dh_make, quilt, and
dpkg-buildpackage to make proper packages.

I now need to build some out-of-tree kernel modules, and would really like
to make the associated packages work with DKMS.  However, I'm completely
unclear on how to use dh_dkms.  Using dh_make's kernel module option does
not seem to be leading me down the right path.

Is there a suitable introduction or guide of any sort on how to use debhelper and dh_dkms to build a dkms package?  Would anyone be willing to
help me get started in doing so?


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