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Re: RFS: minidlna (updated package)

Michael Tautschnig <mt@debian.org> writes:
> Looks pretty good, and I really like the fact that multiple people seem to be
> working on it, makes package maintenance a lot more future-proof :-) Built and
> uploaded!
> Just one thing, though, that I don't really like, which you might want to
> reconsider for the next release:
> rm -rf ${PIDDIR}
> Couldn't this be avoided by doing some rm -f ${PIDDIR}* ; rmdir ${PIDDIR}
> (probably you can't do an rm -f without *, which would have been even nicer). rm
> -rf just feels so unsafe...

Your suggested change looks unsafer to me.  It will do evil things when
$PIDDIR is empty while the original version does nothing in that case.


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