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Re: Renaming and gzipping upstream changelog

On Mon, Mar 14, 2011 at 03:10:24PM -0400, Scott Howard wrote:
> In your debian rules file you can use:
> dh_installchangelogs -k {your_changelog_filename}
> (the -k is to keep the upstream changelog file name and symlink it to
> changelog.gz, feel free to drop it if you wish, it will rename the
> file changelog.gz)
> or, if using dh7 style rules:
> override_dh_installchangelogs:
> [tab] dh_installchangelogs -k {your_changelog_filename}
"If none is specified, it looks for files with names that seem likely to be
changelogs. (In compatibility level 7 and above.)"
So explicit dh_installchangelogs doesn't need additional arguments and dh
tiny rules will do everything automatically (if the file is named
Changelog or ChangeLog).


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