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XDM-OPTIONS beta 2 - need testers / feedback

I need help getting feedback for good install people won't have problems with.


Debian Dpkg is great I love it but I'm F'ed as rules don't cover this install scenario.  (does NOT suggest other apps be removed or depend on anything (but X of course) but must be "default-display-manager".

Also I'd like to "announce the release".  But 

"X Display Manager. Xhost Phonebook, X Login, X Desktop Chooser, and XDM X server (vnc server). Easy install, Clean uninstall (X up when done). Highly compatible, no libs. Like gdm but different in goals and features. Great as primary or as a backup."

I'd esp. Love any ideas for determining where X is installed on *any* given unix rather than just one / one version (other than xmkmf / done).

Being replacement for "xdm sample scripts" the install "should be simple".  However when you bring in packaging for debian, redhat, kubuntu, into the picture it becomes a real pain no?

thank you thank you, John Hendrickson

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