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Re: Renaming and gzipping upstream changelog

On Mon, Mar 14, 2011 at 2:45 PM, Michele Gastaldo
<micheluzzo@inventati.org> wrote:
> Hi all
> Trying to package kpartsplugin (ITP: bug #597110), I get a warning from
> lintian (wrong-name-for-upstream-changelog): there's a ChangeLog file from
> upstream I listed in debian/docs, but according to the Debian Policy Manual it
> should be "gzipped" in changelog.gz
> My question is: how to do it? I mean, do I do it manually (and then run
> dh_make? and write about it in README.Debian?) or should I put the commands
> in some script run during package building?
> Thanks for help
> Michele

See the man page for dh_installchangelogs

In your debian rules file you can use:
dh_installchangelogs -k {your_changelog_filename}

(the -k is to keep the upstream changelog file name and symlink it to
changelog.gz, feel free to drop it if you wish, it will rename the
file changelog.gz)

or, if using dh7 style rules:
[tab] dh_installchangelogs -k {your_changelog_filename}

Also, remove the changelog from debian/docs and just let
dh_installchangelogs do it's magic.

Good luck!


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