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Re: what if upstream provides debian build directory

On Fri, Mar 18, 2011 at 08:21:44PM +0100, Harald Dunkel wrote:
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> Hi folks,

Hi Harald

> What is Debian's policy, if upstream provides its own debian directory
> or package build procedure? Is upstream always right?

I guess it depends on how usable the debian directory is and also what upstream
tries to achieve by providing it?

> Does or should this source package become a "native" package? How do I
> include patches?

IMHO this is not correct as a native package is a package which is just for
Debian and derivates.

> What if upstream's package sets conflict with Debian's packages, and
> I want to install upstream's packages? Is it the DM's responsibility
> to avoid this conflict or to preserve compatibility? Famous example
> for this would be the Linux kernel sources.

Well I currently work on openswan where upstream also provides a debian
directory as part of their tar because they have an Ubuntu ppa where they
provide testing versions. As I have also access to upstream git I try to stay
in sync with most of their changes and also try to incorporate my changes into
upstream but for ease of use I drop their debian directory when importing
upstream into Debian VCS.

> Of course I checked Debian's Policy Manual, but AFAICS this subject
> has been successfully ignored by now. Any helpful comment would be
> highly appreciated.

Maybe this thread can spawn a discussion and lead to a dedicated policy?

> Regards
> Harri

Kind regards
Harald Jenny

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