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Re: Packaging Arbitrary Files

Aaron Todd <toddaa@gmail.com> writes:

> Thanks for responding!

(Please don't top-post above the text you're responding to. Thanks.)

> Also, Is there any way to find out if there are files marked as a conffile
> inside a .deb package file?

Doubtless you are busily reading the Debian Policy manual; it's
essential reading for anyone making packages to work properly in Debian.

Your question is answered at

> I just found that dpkg by itself has a -force-overwrite switch.

That's for the local administrator to use, when *they* decide that they
want *their own* changes to be blown away. It's not for a package (and
hence not for the package maintainer) to decide to do that.

> I've tried the conf.d file as well and it give me the same errors. In
> any case, I've have other custom config files that I am going to need
> to overwrite/customize so my main question still applies. How do I get
> past the overwrite issue.

You don't get past it; you re-work the design of what you're doing so
that you don't need to overwrite configuration files. If you're not
replacing the Apache package, you shouldn't be overwriting any of its
config files; likewise for any other package.

So, what configuration files do you believe you need to overwrite, and

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