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Struggling to remove old config files.

A while back I decided that taking the already light Nginx and splitting it
into nginx-full and nginx-light would be a good idea so the minimal Nginx could
be used to handle very high traffic loads. Then nginx-extras sounded great for
users that want to use extra features that actually weigh down Nginx like perl
config support.

Against better advice, I didn't see the need for an nginx-common package. I
learned my lesson and made an nginx-common package that deals with some issues
that came up from my ignorance.

Unfortunately, I learned this too late. The split resulted in config files
being created at /etc/logrotate.d/nginx-{full,light,extras}.

I know the correct way to remove these files is with dpkg-maintscript-helper. I
tried my hardest to use this correctly. I had a few incorrect uses pointed out
to me that have since been corrected. However, I am still unable to remove
these incorrect configuration files.

The packing I'm using is at:

I setup a PPA for testing. The only change between what's in the svn repo now
and what I used is version number and set -x. You can see the result of the
test I did at http://dpaste.com/463702/.

At line 77 you can see that the old incorrect configuration file is being used.
That's the version in sid right now. At line 105 I update to the testing
version that I'm trying to have the fix in. Then at line 164 you can see the
old config file was not removed and the new one was installed.

I've been fighting this for a pretty decent amount of time and I think it's
safe to say that I'm completely stumped and unable to figure out what I'm doing
wrong. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Michael Lustfield

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