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Re: RFS: udisks-glue

Hi Fernando,

Fernando Lemos wrote:
> It's been a while, so this is my second try. Any comments would be
> really appreciated.

I had a look at your package, and here are the small issues I noticed:

 - In debian/copyright, the Format header should contain the versioned
   DEP5 URL [1]. And you could avoid repeating the BSD-2-clause license
   text by using a standalone license paragraph. Also, you should not
   duplicate the Copyright line in the License header; this information
   is already in the Copyright header (I mean remove lines 10-11 and

   [1] http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/dep/web/deps/dep5.mdwn?op=file&rev=173

 - You man page man/udisks-glue.1 contains a lot of information about
   the configuration file syntax; you might want to split into
   man/udisks-glue.1 for the command-line options, and
   man/udisks-glue.conf.5 for the configuration files (and reference
   each other in the SEE ALSO section). Speaking of sections, it's good
   practice to follow the section names given in man-pages(7) "Sections
   within a manual page".

> Note you most likely want to use GDM in order to test this package for
> automounting (XDM, for example, won't create an active local
> ConsoleKit session without patching, which is required for mounting
> with udisks as non-root with the default configuration).

Unfortunately I do not have a test system with GDM (or even X, for that
matter) installed, so I didn't test it. It builds fine though, except
for a few dpkg-shlibdeps warnings about useless linking (harmless, but
you could look into it if you want).


Benoît Knecht

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