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Re: pbuilder and ${shlibs:Depends}

> Unfortunately this is wrong, at least for ELF binaries. Usually if you
> don't have all the dependencies that you expect, it's because they are
> optional and are disabled when they are not found during ./configure.
> Thus the correct solution is to add the required -dev packages in the
> Build-Depends so that ./configure finds the optional libraries that you
> want your program to use.

So, to summarize:

a) /usr/bin/foo of package foo needs at RUN-TIME /usr/lib/libbar.so
b) /usr/lib/libbar.so is packaged under package libbar

then I need to:
c) add package libbar-dev as a BUILD dependency of foo.

And dh_shlibdeps will do its magic? How does this work exactly?
d) Does libbar-dev provide a DEBIAN/shlibs file that says that libbar.so
is packaged in package libbar?

Is the above correct?

> You did not save some complication you just got wrong information due to
> this.  It's unlikely that jh_depends works like dpkg-shlibdeps.
> I guess you need to have all the jars installed at build time and thus you
> want to add them to Build-Depends. But you should really ask for
> confirmation someone on debian-java@ or an experienced java packager (or
> maybe it's in jh_depends documentation).

Indeed. I will post to the appropriate list.


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