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Re: uswsusp package

Rodolfo kix Garcia schreef op za 12-03-2011 om 00:49 [+0100]:
> On 03/12/11 00:31, Michael Biebl wrote:
> > Am 12.03.2011 00:15, schrieb Rodolfo kix Garcia:
> >    
> >> Dear mentors,
> >>
> >> this week suspend-utils 1.0 was released. Now includes support for KMS systems. 
> I am updating the uswsusp from v0.8 to v1.0.
> >>
> >>      
> > The package has not been officially orphaned yet, so just taking over the
> > Maintainer field is not considered polite. Have you contacted the previous
> > maintainer, Tim? Just in case I CCed him.
> >
> >    
> I tryed previously to talk with Tim (when I try to create the v 0.9 
> (this version was not released)). But yes, I forgot to include in my mail.

What do you mean with 'tried'? I think I replied to all your e-mails.

Anyway, good to see there are people working on this. I saw anibal
sponsored the package in the end.

grts Tim

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