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Re: RFS: john (updated package)

El vie, 18-03-2011 a las 10:04 +0100, Alexander Reichle-Schmehl
> Am 17.03.2011 16:25, schrieb Ruben Molina:


> >> Won't that create a ppc64 binary if I have such a CPU, even if I try to
> >> build on a normal ppc?
> > Yes, it will. Isn't that the expected behavior?
> I'm not a powerpc porter or user myself, but I don't think so.  Builds
> should be deterministic and reproducible. Think for example about the
> following scenario:  The Debian project has several buildds for it's
> powerpc architecture.  Some of them a 64-Bit CPU, some of them have only
> 32-Bit archs.

But powerpc and ppc64 are two different ports. 

The ppc64 target should be build only if we are building in the 64bits
port (ppc64). But a 64bits machine running the 32bits port (powerpc)
should hit the powerpc target.

DEB_HOST_ARCH_CPU should be powerpc on a 64bits machine running powerpc,
but ppc64 on a 64bits machine running ppc64. Or am I wrong?  

Will check that with ppc porters.

> Now assume your package get's build on the ppc64 machine.  We'll have a
> ppc64 bit binary, correct?  But nothing prevents me from installing it
> on my ppc32 system, but if I do so, I can't use it, can I?

Why? A package from one port does not get installed in another port

> >> even less clear to me:  You install a script to do runtime detection of
> >> MMX and SSE/2 support, but you also have compile time checks for that.
> > The script you mention is no longer used. Even if preserved in the
> > package sources, it is not installed in the binary package. 
> > Should it be deleted?
> Yes, please.  Having unused stuff in your package can be confusing for
> others, who need to do something with your package (think of Securty

Indeed. Will do it.

> > Instead of a script, CPU fallbacks (provided by upstream) are used. 
> Ah, okay, I see.  But the optimized binaries are only build, if the CPU
> I'm building the package on, supports it?

Yes. They are build on i386 only, and only after checking the
availability of the extensions.

Best regards,

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