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Re: RFS: gnetworktester

Mahyuddin Susanto <udienz@ubuntu.com> writes:
> * Package name    : gnetworktester
>   Version         : 0.11.1-1
>   Upstream Author : Max V. Stotsky <ms@pereslavl.ru>
> * URL             : http://sourceforge.net/projects/gnetworktester/
> * License         : GPL-3
>   Section         : net

I'm not a mentor but noticed something you might want to

gnetworktester seems to parse the output of nmap and nmap upstream at
http://insecure.org/nmap/data/COPYING gives me the impression that
gnetworktester would thus be "derivative work". Since GPL-2 is not
compatible with GPL-3 you might want take a closer look at this and
maybe explain why it is not an issue in debian/copyright.

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