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Re: #243175: bootkbd=fr does not work (New) manual translators: please use proper encoding /etc/fstab in /etc/hosts 2 installer bugs - DHCP, SCSI RAID 2.6 2.6 kernels and CDs 2nd stage stats page shows missing translations 3rd-stage status Refus des emails avec pièce jointe... Réponse automatique d'absence du bureau : Extended Mail ['securiQ.Watchdog': Unzulässiger Anhangt] [ANNOUNCE] debian-installer floppy images available for SPARC [d-i manual] translation issue [deb-installer] Failure at boot loader phase [Fwd: Re: splitting root floppy by languages] Re: [i18n-no] Concerns for some translations of Debian Installer Re: Re: [i18n] String Changes in iso-codes [IMPORTANT] Handling installation reports [INTL:id] 2nd-stage: newt and pcmcia-cs [Intl:id] Indonesian translation for console-data [Intl:id] Indonesian translation for console-data, update [Intl:lt] Lithuanian translation for console-data [l10n:ro]console-data, base-config [l10n:ro]iso-3166 Re: [l10n:ro]iso-codes (was:console-data, base-config) [l10n] (forw) Accepted shadow 1:4.0.3-28 (powerpc source) [l10n] 2nd-stage splits into 2nd and 3rd stage! Re: [l10n] debconf-updatepo, msgmerge and wrapping lines [l10n] debconf2po-update, msgmerge and wrapping lines [l10n] Debian Installer translation status [l10n] Debian Installer translation status - beta4 [l10n] New partman strings in Debian Installer [l10n] Now turning towards the next release Re: [l10n] Now turning towards the next release - for ro Re: [l10n] Updated iso-codes 3166 and 639 lists [l10n]; change to console-data po files [l10n]best translation for layouts - console-data Re: [LOGO] Re: goals for next release [Manual] New installer options versus old boot options [Manual] Rescue options if reboot fails? [Mini-VAC] Easter week-end Re: [parisc-linux] Re: if something is not done, hppa will not havean installer for sarge Re: [parisc-linux] Re: if something is not done, hppa will not have an installer for sarge Re: [parisc-linux] Re: if something is not done, hppa will not have an installer for sarge [PATCH] PCMCIA network cards + Cardbus [USABILITY] Usability test of Debian Installer beta 3 aboot-installer_0.0.6_alpha.changes ACCEPTED aboot-installer_0.0.7_alpha.changes ACCEPTED aboot-installer_0.0.8_alpha.changes ACCEPTED Re: About that Alpha kernel bug mentioned in beta3 errata Re: Accepted base-files 3.0.15 (i386 source) additional packages into initrd alcohNol processor Alpha netboot issue Am I on the right list for my problems? anna_0.056_i386.changes ACCEPTED anna_0.057_s390.changes ACCEPTED anna_0.058_i386.changes ACCEPTED anna_0.059_i386.changes ACCEPTED Are you able to checkout console-data SVN? ATI Radeon Automated xkb/kde/fonts configuration after install Automatisches Antwortmail [Virus checked] autopartkit_0.85_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-config_2.18_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-config_2.19_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-config_2.20_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-installer_0.065_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-installer_0.066_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED base-installer_0.067_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-installer_0.068_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-installer_0.069_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-installer_0.070_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-installer_0.071_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-installer_0.072_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-installer_0.073_alpha.changes ACCEPTED baseconfig-udeb_0.032_i386.changes ACCEPTED baseconfig-udeb_0.033_i386.changes ACCEPTED baseconfig-udeb_0.034_i386.changes ACCEPTED Re: Basque translation Beta 3 cannot mount my CD beta3 problems beta4 status Betreff: Norman Internet Protection - Malware-Warnung! Re: BIDI support in Debian Installer : help needed BitDefender found an infected object Bug squashing and d-i hacking in Munich, April 17/18th Bug#109763: marked as done (discover: no way to use one module name for kernel 2.2 and another for kernel 2.4) Bug#152152: are you raelly seeing smobeody esle? Bug#152604: marked as done (discover: linuxrc must have executable bits in initrd) Bug#152677: marked as done (discover: kernel 2.4.18 with RealTek RTL-8139 s/rtl8139/8139too/) Bug#160658: marked as done (libdiscover-dev: SMP cpu detection doesn't work, error in code) Bug#164229: marked as done (discover: no way to specify different data for 2.2.x and 2.4.x kernels) Bug#166460: marked as done (/etc/init.d/discover; if you're going to use sed...) Bug#172340: marked as done (Mostly successful installation log with feature requests) Bug#178824: Reopen: #178824: modconf: English modconf prompts are misleading Bug#178944: marked as done (discover: depends on mounted /usr) Bug#190397: close? Bug#19846: Alyona is very independent and indifferent to relatives relations.. proper Bug#201695: marked as done (discover: problem with ide-scsi and devfs) Bug#202684: marked as done (INSTALL REPORT: Fails for RAM <= 32MB) Bug#204875: marked as done (discover: modprobe code broken for kernel 2.6) Bug#212921: cdebconf: Merge in new translations in templates Bug#212921: marked as done (cdebconf: Merge in new translations in templates) Bug#212981: unifont.bgf architecture dependent? Bug#213015: marked as done (main-menu: When udebs segfault, main-menu should display some error message) Bug#213866: marked as done (discover: extend manpage see-also section) Bug#214622: marked as done (Cut: command not found) Bug#214790: marked as done (discover: hangs while reading /dev/ttyS1) Bug#216591: marked as done (installation fails) Bug#217788: discover ignores 'disable serial' in /etc/discover.conf Bug#217788: marked as done (discover ignores 'disable serial' in /etc/discover.conf) Bug#218342: marked as done (palo-installer: Debconf templates polishing) Bug#218518: marked as done (hangs after running partconf) Bug#218560: marked as done (debian-installer-demo: stops just after the language selection screen) Bug#218597: marked as done (should display a notice when changing the debconf priority level) Bug#218728: autopartkit: Should make larger LVM volumes when possible Bug#219050: marked as done (cannot find cdrom after reboot) Bug#220014: marked as done (installation-reports: Installation report (beta-1): DHCP, drives problems) Bug#220126: marked as done (only ask once for pcmcia) Bug#220129: marked as done (add dualboot option / detect other OSes) Bug#220192: marked as done (lilo-installer: presents an incorrect choice when / is not /boot) Bug#220267: marked as done (lilo-installer: unhelpful note about disk scan bypassed) Bug#220518: marked as done (installation-reports: routing broken with netboot via PXE install) Bug#220704: marked as done (ide-scsi stuff breaks apt for cdrom) Bug#220847: marked as done (installation-reports: Installation successful, but some small problems) Bug#220868: fixed? Bug#220868: marked as done (cdebconf: handling of "seen" flags when backing out) Bug#220874: installation report Bug#220877: marked as done (installation report: tricky grub install) Bug#220936: marked as done (ide-scsi breaks use of CD after reboot) Bug#220966: marked as done (Inspiron 8500: b44, iwconfig, ) Bug#220990: marked as done (Mips uses different numbers for dvh partitions than SGI/fdisk) Bug#221003: marked as done (installation-reports: Install on Sony VAIO R600HMP) Bug#221466: marked as done (discover: Fails to modprobe siimage) Bug#221504: Done! Bug#221533: debian-install beta 3 & airport driver, other comments Bug#221533: marked as done (needs to load airport driver) Bug#221533: This is not a proper fix. Bug#221594: marked as done (init script bug - '--disable=XXX' is not working properly) Bug#221983: marked as done (ide-scsi problem again, with a solution: /dev/sr0 in fstab!) Bug#224398: marked as done (boot loader installed on disk with /, not boot disk) Bug#224528: marked as done (cdrom-detect: confused /dev/hdc /dev/sr0) Bug#224632: marked as done (should scan for windows/dos partitions and set up "other" entry) Bug#224634: marked as done (discover loads ide-scsi module, which prevents apt from accessing some ide cdroms) Bug#224659: marked as done (please show which partitions are about to be formated) Bug#224659: reassign to partman Bug#224661: lvm2 Bug#225224: marked as done () Bug#225244: installation-reports: Install on Medion Titanium 8080XL (ATI 9800) incl. FritzCard DSL Bug#225306: marked as done (debian-installer: cosmetic suggestions) Bug#225622: excluding pcmcia resource ranges Bug#225709: marked as done (installation-reports: No big problems, partconf and aptitude small issues) Bug#225930: marked as done (Integrity checks failing) Bug#225934: marked as done (Integrity checks fail again) Bug#226008: marked as done (Install on Dual Opteron 242, 8GB RAM, 2x SCSI HD) Bug#226040: Install report: alpha businesscard 2004-01-02 Bug#226051: successful install on i386 with jan 02 image Bug#226758: installation-reports Bug#226889: marked as done (d-i netinst 20040107 SUCCESS) Bug#227067: marked as done ((no subject)) Bug#227600: mostly solved Bug#227722: Retest debian bug #227722? Bug#227880: marked as done (installation-reports: cosmetic errors, some wishlist items) Bug#227904: Debian Sarge Installation report: failed on Alpha DS 10 Bug#228316: marked as done (Successful Sarge beta2 installation) Bug#228832: marked as done (BETA2: Install Report) Bug#228835: marked as done (Installation report for beta 2 of d-i (success)) Bug#228885: marked as done (Installer beta 2) Bug#228889: marked as done (installation-reports: network installation report with small problems) Bug#228960: excluding pcmcia resource ranges Bug#228960: install: kernel-parameter noapic fixes prob Bug#228960: install: still hangs on Inspiron 8100s Bug#228960: note Bug#229210: marked as done (Need an "Abort installation" menu entry) Bug#229211: marked as done (Should offer to add a boot menu entry for existing partitions/OS) Bug#229212: marked as done (Should offer to add a boot menu entry for existing partitions/OS) Bug#229217: marked as done (install-report) Bug#229325: marked as done (countrychooser: please use "country/region" instead of "country") Bug#229736: acknowledged by developer (Problem is solved) Bug#229736: marked as done (discover hangs on closing serial port) Bug#230099: marked as done (debian-installer: missing german translation in main menu) Bug#230443: marked as done (FWD: Bug#228316: Successful Sarge beta2 installation) Bug#231105: marked as done (Should not run several times during the installation process) Bug#231298: marked as done (Should detect and use Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5782 Gigabit Ethernet) Bug#231428: Well Bug#231756: FQDN without dhcp confirmed Bug#231756: marked as done (Does not properly set hostname in resolv.conf) Bug#231789: marked as done (Don't force grub installation) Bug#232085: #232085: Believed fixed Bug#232085: Please retest Bug#232413: marked as done (Kernel install fails on cciss drive hardware) Bug#232415: marked as done (mkinitrd fails on cciss drive hardware) Bug#232526: marked as done (Package: debian-installer) Bug#233046: marked as done (mount: relocation errro:) Bug#233147: marked as done (didn't detect the NVidia card) Bug#233864: man-db error on debian-installer beta3 Bug#233897: marked as done (didn't detect NTFS partition with Windows XP home) Bug#234136: marked as done (autopartkit: Using /media/cdrom instead of /cdrom) Bug#234229: marked as done (Should offer support for existing partitions/OS) Bug#234344: marked as done (debian-installer-demo: bootstrap error) Bug#234360: SMP wishlisting. Bug#234549: marked as done (Report installer --successful) Bug#234738: Installation report Bug#234770: marked as done (installation-reports: Success on m68k mac) Bug#234812: marked as done (xserver-xfree86: configure script hangs) Bug#235124: marked as done (palo-installer: Update Danish debconf translation) Bug#235367: marked as done (better defaults for new partition) Bug#235371: marked as done (combine usage method and filesystem into one menu) Bug#235505: marked as done (if it's possible to make a locical partition, that should be the default) Bug#235617: marked as done (mapdevfs does not translate mylex raid drive names) Bug#236354: Please.. Bug#236777: marked as done (discover1-data: bad data causes xserver-xfree86 config script to chatter) Bug#237009: marked as done (Uses generic confirmation dialog, should say what is going to be done) Bug#237120: Installation report Bug#237185: marked as done (Doesn't include the other operating systems in the boot menu) Bug#237603: discover 2.0 does not have this problem Bug#237603: release status update Bug#237604: marked as done (installation-reports: AlphaServer 1000A: Syslogd not running, CD-Rom not detected) Bug#237779: #237779: /etc/hosts is wrong (with dhcp) Bug#237779: marked as done (/etc/hosts is wrong) Bug#237880: [ File missing] Bug#237880: File missing Bug#238027: marked as done (Installation report for Sarge installer) Bug#238060: marked as done (partman: Needed symbol help) Bug#238062: marked as done (partman should provide feedback on the mount point of the part being formatted.) Bug#238228: FTBFS: setgid DEBIAN directory Bug#238293: marked as done (Doesn't include WinXP boot capability) Bug#238305: marked as done (can not configure exim4-config due to unconfigured hostname) Bug#238363: marked as done (Doesn't handle properly dvh disk labels (mips)) Bug#238381: marked as done (It is not clear that the user can select the device-lines in order to create new disk label) Bug#238382: marked as done (After LVM configuration forgets all assigned methods and mount-points) Bug#238383: marked as done (Probably it forgets in some circumstances the assigned method and mount point) Bug#238385: marked as done (recreates the file systems at every execution of the scripts in commit.d) Bug#238386: marked as done (when a partition is removed and a new partition is created in its place with different size, the old file system is still detected) Bug#238389: marked as done (Needs more informative message in the confirmation for writting the changes) Bug#238440: marked as done (installation report) Bug#238472: discover should not load i810-tco module Bug#238472: marked as done (discover should not load i810-tco module) Bug#238491: Installation report Bug#238491: marked as done (Mar 14th installer autobuild installation report) Bug#238544: kbd-chooser must use UTF-8 keymaps in d-i Bug#238656: marked as done (module-init-tools: /etc/modules contains the same module several times) Bug#238712: marked as done (Sarge Netinstall Beta 3: partition menu doesn't show which partition is being edited) Bug#238777: marked as done (defaults to vesa, not savage for S3 Inc. 86C270-294 Savage/MX-MV) Bug#238809: marked as done (netcfg does not accept empty gateway IP) Bug#239121: netcfg: Use default hostname from DHCP if one is received Bug#239136: marked as done (sun ultra 30 beta 3 boot failure) Bug#239208: marked as done (Resize doesn't check if the new size is allowed) Bug#239284: marked as done (After reboot PCMCIA modules should be loaded before the network) Bug#239291: marked as done (FWD: Debian Installer and Compaq Smart Array Controller) Bug#239381: Follow-up Bug#239385: marked as done (speakup keymap does not work in d-i) Bug#239386: #239386: Allows to deselect unnecessary modules but tries to use them later Bug#239386: marked as done (Allows to deselect unnecessary modules but tries to use them later) Bug#239387: marked as done (Should show "swap" as mount point for swap spaces) Bug#239388: marked as done (Needs a summary of what is going to be formatted in the confirmation dialog) Bug#239389: base-config: does not remeber first base config run Bug#239428: marked as done (no cdrom entry in the generated fstab) Bug#239429: marked as done (Dialog title shoud show the difference between the three detection phases) Bug#239430: marked as done (active_partition menu to show information about the non-editable properties of the partition) Bug#239435: marked as done (The confirmation dialog for resize proposes to write the changes but the user wants only to change the suggestion of the autopartitioner so there should not be such a dialog at all and no changes have to be written to disk) Bug#239442: Not entirely accurate... Bug#239445: marked as done (active_partition menu should show which partition it is manipulating) Bug#239552: kernel-image-2.4.25-1-386: incompatibility with the cciss module ? Bug#239552: marked as done (kernel-image-2.4.25-1-386: incompatibility with the cciss module ?) Bug#239557: marked as done (Too many key-presses, partitions should have better defaults) Bug#239561: marked as done ("100" as a partition size should be interpreted as 100 MB rather than as 100 B) Bug#239562: marked as done (when resizing a new partition it is not necessary to write the changes to the disk) Bug#239591: Hostname needed for DHCP Bug#239648: marked as done ([mips] Doesn't give proper numbers to the partitions) Bug#239725: marked as done (should provide discover-udeb) Bug#239761: debian-installer: also with pcnet32 module (vmware) Bug#239763: marked as done (debian-installer: bad cdrom entry in generated fstab) Bug#239781: System log Bug#239788: marked as done (Package discover2 is replaced by package discover) Bug#239794: ddetect: new subarch powerpc/iseries Bug#239873: marked as done (Sun Netra X1 install) Bug#239887: marked as done (beta3 boots sun e250 but fails to load root) Re: Bug#239956: Full Debian install impressions and facts (another one) Bug#240145: marked as done (Forgets mount points when user decides to repartition) Bug#240182: marked as done (After executing a shell, installer tries to resume automatic operation) Bug#240228: marked as done (Windows OS was not included in the menu) Bug#240298: marked as done (Forget mount points after LVM-configuration) Bug#240308: marked as done (Discover: Spanish debconf translation) Bug#240372: SPARCstation 5 installation report Bug#240373: hmm Bug#240373: marked as done (installs kernel-image package) Bug#240373: reopen 240373 Bug#240373: reproduced, kinda Bug#240410: marked as done (debian-installer: downloads and unpacks useless kernel image [sparc]) Bug#240411: marked as done (partman: "go back" continues instead) Bug#240438: marked as done (debian-installer: build_floppy_root fails on Kernel 2.6) Bug#240575: installation-reports: Fails to boot on Alpha Bug#240575: marked as done (installation-reports: Fails to boot on Alpha) Bug#240577: marked as done (sun ultra30 serial console beta 3 fails) Bug#240697: #24697: Sarge installer: change apt-setup to point to sarge instead of testing Bug#240701: please close Bug#240711: acknowledged by developer (closing this bug report) The last update was on 06:38 GMT Sun Dec 10. 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