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Bug#221533: debian-install beta 3 & airport driver, other comments

On Thu, Apr 15, 2004 at 11:31:30AM -0400, Joey Hess wrote:
> Joe Drew wrote:
> > I'm trying out beta3 of debian-install on my iBook.
> > 
> > I used the business card ISO to do this installation.
> > 
> > On startup, my wired ethernet controller was detected, but my airport
> > card (wireless) wasn't automatically detected. Since I only had wireless
> > at the time, everything else didn't work. I manually modprobed my
> > airport driver and went back to "set up networking," and was pleasantly
> > impressed with how nicely the wireless setup was integrated into the
> > installer.
> This is supposed to be fixed in the current daily builds, we just always
> load the airport module on powerpc.

Which naturally outputs a warning when no airport hardware is installed
or on other powerpc subarches.

A workaround was discussed on irc two days ago, but i don't think anyone
got ahead and implemented it, so i will describe it here for archival
purpose. Mmm, maybe i should will a bug report too, which component does
the actual unconditional uploading ? 

First, it would be needed to check that we are on a newworld pmac
subarc, since no old world or non pmac architecture support those
airport cards. And no new pmac model will use it either, since it is
replaced by the airport extreme, which altough not yet (and maybe never)
supported by linux, does appear normally on the pci bus.

Once that is done, we search for a mac-io node in the /proc/device-tree,
and if there is such a node (i don't know if more than one can be
present), we check for a radio child node.

If this node is present, we can without fear say that the airport card
is present also, and load the airport module. I sadly lost the file were
i wrote the exact find commands about this, but if needed, i am sure
someone has irc logs of #debian-boot, and can find them again.


Sven Luther

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