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Re: About that Alpha kernel bug mentioned in beta3 errata

Bjoern Brill <brill@fs.math.uni-frankfurt.de> wrote:
> The symlink gets created in drivers/cdrom/cdrom.c:register_cdrom():
>                if (pos >= 0) {
>                        char vname[16];
>                        sprintf (vname, "cdrom%d", cdi->number);
>                        strncpy (rname + pos, "../", 3);
>                        devfs_mk_symlink (devfs_handle, vname,
>                                          DEVFS_FL_DEFAULT,
>                                          rname + pos, &slave, NULL);
>                        devfs_auto_unregister (cdi->de, slave);
>                }
> That piece of code is shared by all kinds of cdroms, and all
> architectures... so how can it be broken on alpha and not on x86,
> and with SCSI but not IDE? I think the strncpy (rname + pos, "../", 3);
> call fails, and strncpy is arch specific. This would mean that, in the
> end, alpha stxncpy.S is broken again. I don't know enough alpha assembly

Good catch.

Can you either build a new kernel with stxncpy.S disabled, or try
the image from


and see if the problem goes away?

If it does, then I'll turn stxncpy off until it's fixed.

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