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Re: base-installer_0.066_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED

On Sat, Apr 03, 2004 at 01:38:15PM +0200, Holger Levsen wrote:
> Hi,
> Am Samstag, 3. April 2004 12:09 schrieb Sven Luther:
> > Jeremie, any idea what is going on here ? Can you build a new image set
> > on your box, and have Holger test it ?
> that would be nice...
> > Could you try one of the older snapshots ? From :
> > http://people.debian.org/~luther/debian-installer/daily-powerpc-built/2004.
> >03.31/powerpc-small/floppy/
> > for example ?
> but you fixed base-installer yesterday ?! (installs 
> kernel-image-2.4.25-power-pmac instead ...powerpc-pmac-small)

Ah, no, that has nothing to do with that. It is the second part, once
debian-installer has finished installing the base system, it will
install a kernel (to be used with quik or whatever), so you get a
working system. Nothing to do with your problem.

> > > I tried to write the root.img on about 10 different floppies, twice, and
> > > bootet them without any succes. The disks read fine, the mac-tux logo
> > > turns black and the systems freezes. Is it possible that the root.img is
> > > broken or had I just very bad luck with floppies ?
> er..., I meant "is it possible that the _boot.img_ is broken ? (as well, see 
> below...)


> > Yeah, the boot.img should be mostly ok, since it is nothing more than
> > the kernel and the miboot stuff.
> yeah, that's theoretics. but I tried 8 floppies (all new), writings them once 
> and reading (=booting) at least twice, none work. but after that, when I used 
> the old working boot floppy from jeremie, three of them worked as 
> root-floppies!

Can you use compare to compare the written floppy to the image used ? 

> but still, that could have been bad luck, that's why I asked here, I anybody 
> hat success booting that boot.img ?? (you, sven, have no access to mac 
> hardware with floppy, right ?)

I have no access to mac hardware of any kind :)

> > Maybe you could try loop mounting both root floppies, and compare them.
> would that really make more sense than setting up d-i to build from svn ? 

Well, if the problem is with the root.img, knowing what the difference
between the working image and the bad one is, would be a good idea.

> there are at least five days in between the creation of the images, I expect 
> a lot to have changed.

Yeah, and packages used which are not in the debian-installer svn, and a
different box used, and ...

> > It would be nice to get some kind of log of what is happening ? No idea
> > how to achieve this though.
> optional logging to some kind of loghost (via ssh and/or ftp) as part of d-i, 
> executed after the installation is finished or manually in case of an error.

Yeah, altough in your case, this will not help, since apparently the
system freezes before going to even boot debian-installer. What i want
is not the debian-installer log, but the kernel boot log. Usually
acquired by serial console (console=ttyS01,115200n8 console=tty0 on my
box) or by plain looking at the kernel log info on the screen (provided
there is such a thing.


Sven Luther

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