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Bug#238472: discover should not load i810-tco module

[David Nusinow, 2003-03-28]
> I'm not going to release another discover1 update until the current
> one hits sarge though.

Package discover1 will not enter sarge as long as bug #238472 have
critical severity.

So you will either have to fix the problem and upload a new version,
or reduce the priority of the problem.

Besides, isn't this better fixed in discover1-data, changing all
entries with i810-tco to ignore instead?  These are the entries in pci.lst:

        80862410        bridge  i810-tco        82801AA ISA Bridge (LPC)
        80862420        bridge  i810-tco        82801AB ISA Bridge (LPC)
        8086244c        bridge  i810-tco        82801BAM ISA Bridge (LPC)
        80862450        unknown i810-tco        82801E ISA Bridge (LPC)
        8086248c        unknown i810-tco        82801CAM ISA Bridge (LPC)
        808624c0        unknown i810-tco        82801DB (ICH4) LPC Bridge

I suggest this bug should be reassigned to discover1-data and fixed

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