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Bug#221533: debian-install beta 3 & airport driver, other comments

I'm trying out beta3 of debian-install on my iBook.

I used the business card ISO to do this installation.

On startup, my wired ethernet controller was detected, but my airport
card (wireless) wasn't automatically detected. Since I only had wireless
at the time, everything else didn't work. I manually modprobed my
airport driver and went back to "set up networking," and was pleasantly
impressed with how nicely the wireless setup was integrated into the

When I originally selected "Detect network hardware" (or something like
that), after manually installing my airport driver, it prompted me with
a strange list of hardware which included ide-scsi and other fun things.
I'm not sure why it did this.

The partitioner is *awesome.* I had previously partitioned my drive, but
it allowed me to set up a partition map using it.

Sadly, my install ended while trying to set up the base system because
of dependency problems; util-linux depends on zlib1g, but zlib1g isn't
installed. Testing must be broken ATM.

Anyways, that's as far as I got. Other than airport not being detected,
everything was flawless. I am VERY impressed.

Joe Drew <hoserhead@woot.net> <drew@debian.org>

Just admit to yourself that you're a thief: http://me.woot.net/stealing.html

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