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Re: beta4 status

Quoting Joey Hess (joeyh@debian.org):

> 	- i386 full desktop install from full CD

You mean something more or less similar to what I already did two
weeks ago (with beta3)?

What do you prefer I focus on?
-strange hardware (not easy : I do the tests with what I have under my
-strange setup choices vs. Bob User install (all defaults at high

By full desktop, I guess you mean choosing all desktop-related tasks
in tasksel, right?

Of course, I'll do this in french, but some other tests with non Latin
languages should be a Good Thing:
 -Kenshi, can you do something for testing a base install in Japanese
 -Nikolai, same for Russian
 -Konstantinos, same for Greek
 -Carlos, same for Chinese
 -and so on....

Of course, feel free to test a full desktop install if you have time
and hardware for that (or VmWare...)

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