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Re: beta4 status

Quoting Kenshi Muto (kmuto@debian.org):

> 1. shadow package lefts our translation alone. Will Karl or someone
>    care this?

I tried to ask Karl for an upload just before leaving for one week. I
even prepared another big patch for making his life easier, but
unfortunately I had no news since then.

I'm not accusing Karl of anything...I'm just assuming he is, like all
of us, too busy with real life activities....

Anyway, before the *next* release, a new shadow package WILL include
all pending translations, even if this has to be a NMU (each time I
have used the word "NMU" an upload of the shadow package occurred very

> 2. There was default-user-group issue a month ago, but adduser/shadow
>    maintainers look lose motivation about this...

Hmmmm, yes. This is why, as far as I remember, Joey was thinking about
adding something for this in base-config.

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