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Bug#225622: excluding pcmcia resource ranges

On Thu, Apr 29, 2004 at 15:09 -0400, Joey Hess wrote:
> Per Olofsson wrote:
> > There is a [1]list in the PCMCIA HOWTO which lists settings for many
> > computers. I was thinking of making a debconf dialogue with the
> > settings in that list, but it would probably be better to implement
> > your suggestion first. The list, however, can be of some help here.
> That would certianly be easier to use, if less generic.

Yes. Perhaps we could have both.

> I was thinking that it would be overkill to support splitting a range by
> excluding some bit in the middle of it.

Yes, indeed. Although the kernel might be able to take care of that
for us.

> > Presenting a list of computer models with special settings would be
> > more user friendly, but could only be done in expert mode. It also
> > can't be passed as boot time argument.
> Sure it can. You'd have to get the model text exactly right though, so
> nobody would want to do that..

That's what I meant. But what about using short names as well, like
"inspiron8000: Dell Inspiron 8000" and then telling people to pass
pcmcia/model=inspiron8000 ?

> How long is a the list, syslinux help space is limited.

It is too long. I thought you were talking about the installation

> Apparently one of your pcmcia-cs uploads, or the kernel upgrades have
> fixed this problem, I can no longer reproduce pcmcia problems with that
> laptop. Sucks to be me. ;-)

Probably the kernel then, I haven't changed anything in pcmcia-cs that
could potentially solve that problem as far as I can remember. I'll
try to investigate it myself.

> One other idea I had is that it would be marginally simpler if the
> user's inpt was in the form: "exclude foo bar, exclude foo bar, include
> foob bar. Then we need do no parsing, just echo the whole line. pcmcia(5)
> seems to indicate that multiple statements on one line separate by
> commas are legal.

No, you can do "exclude irq 4, irq 7" or "include port 0xa00-0xaff,
port 0x100-0x4ff" but you can't mix includes and excludes.


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