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Re: [i18n] String Changes in iso-codes

(just keeping you and Anthony in CC....and I'm not sure that's needed
as we all seem to read -boot)

Quoting Steve Langasek (vorlon@debian.org):

> Assuming we fix the problems regarding the translation of
> languagechooser's short list, would it be possible to provide selective
> English translations of the iso-codes table?  This would let us fix the
> expansion of "TW" without having to abandon the use of the (very handy)
> iso 3166 table.

Well, no that would not be solve the issue unless we find a way to
translate the "short" list shown by countrychooser.

For everyone's information:

After choosing some languages in languagechooser, users are presented
with a second screen. This screen shows all countries for with a
SUPPORTED locale exists for this given language.

For instance, when choosing "Espanol (otros paises)", you're propmted
with a list a all countries for which a es_XX valid locale exists.

This list is built on the fly by countrychooser postinst
script. Currently, no way to use translations at all exists.

So, the "trick" you propose, by having a en.po file for iso_3166,
wouldn't work.

As I already wrote, translation this "built on-the-fly" list is far
from being trivial but probably can be done by a good programmer.

The translation of country names *are* there, in the
/var/lib/dpkg/info/coutrychooser.templates. The trick is getting them
one by one and building the short list with them.

Interesting challenge, indeed.

Having this countrychooser short list translated would then allow the
zh_TW translator to use whatever translation he wants for the TW

This may be done, but we just need someone to do it..:-)

The languagechooser trick I propose elsewhere in this crazy thread may
also help solving this. I will answer there as you raised

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