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Re: base-installer_0.066_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED


Am Samstag, 3. April 2004 12:09 schrieb Sven Luther:
> Jeremie, any idea what is going on here ? Can you build a new image set
> on your box, and have Holger test it ?

that would be nice...

> Could you try one of the older snapshots ? From :
> http://people.debian.org/~luther/debian-installer/daily-powerpc-built/2004.
> for example ?

but you fixed base-installer yesterday ?! (installs 
kernel-image-2.4.25-power-pmac instead ...powerpc-pmac-small)

> > I tried to write the root.img on about 10 different floppies, twice, and
> > bootet them without any succes. The disks read fine, the mac-tux logo
> > turns black and the systems freezes. Is it possible that the root.img is
> > broken or had I just very bad luck with floppies ?

er..., I meant "is it possible that the _boot.img_ is broken ? (as well, see 

> Yeah, the boot.img should be mostly ok, since it is nothing more than
> the kernel and the miboot stuff.

yeah, that's theoretics. but I tried 8 floppies (all new), writings them once 
and reading (=booting) at least twice, none work. but after that, when I used 
the old working boot floppy from jeremie, three of them worked as 

but still, that could have been bad luck, that's why I asked here, I anybody 
hat success booting that boot.img ?? (you, sven, have no access to mac 
hardware with floppy, right ?)

> Maybe you could try loop mounting both root floppies, and compare them.

would that really make more sense than setting up d-i to build from svn ? 
there are at least five days in between the creation of the images, I expect 
a lot to have changed.

> It would be nice to get some kind of log of what is happening ? No idea
> how to achieve this though.

optional logging to some kind of loghost (via ssh and/or ftp) as part of d-i, 
executed after the installation is finished or manually in case of an error.

> > Anyhow, I realized I could use the "old" root-floppy from Jeremie and an
> > new boot-floppy. (I wrote the image on the same floppies I tried with the
> > root-image, and the floppy works.) The root-floppy gets loaded but almost
> > instantly hangs with:
> The old boot floppy with the old root floppy was fine, right ?

yeah, and the old boot floppy with the new root floppy showed this error:

> > /build/build/cdebconf-0.58/src/debconf.c:115 (main): Error reading
> > configuration information
> > /build/build/cdebconf-0.58/src/debconf-loadtemplate.c:68 (main): Error
> > reading configuration information
> Mmm, strange, no idea what caused this.
> > (I also tried three different boot-floppies, the same error. (As expected
> > as they're read ok.)
> >
> > So I guess, the floppy images are broken :(
> Oh, well, i guess so. Maybe the trick used for building them on a 2.6
> kernel was not ok. Don't know.
> BTW, can you fill a proper bug report about this problem, so it doesn't
> get lost ?



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