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[l10n] 2nd-stage splits into 2nd and 3rd stage!

Hey fellows,

first, sorry for being a bit late...
As some of you may have noticed already, dpkg, apt and aptitude are
missing in the 2nd-stage stats:

I'd like to announce a 3rd-stage-status for translation-status. Christian
Perrier and I decided to do this to draw a better line between much 
important, important and less important packages during the d-installer. 
(I am talking of translations :)
  3rd-stage Stats: http://people.debian.org/~seppy/d-i/3rd-stage/

Packages in 1st stage are packages used in debian-installer before
rebooting. All packages after rebooting like base-config or shadow for
choosing a password are called 2nd-stage. 2nd-stage packages prompt for
input. 3rd stage packages do not prompt for input in the standard system 
like dpkg where of its 1000 strings are used for logging during
Overview about which package is in which stage:

For more/other information, see:

have a nice week,

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