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Re: [USABILITY] Usability test of Debian Installer beta 3

Frans Pop wrote:
> > I rather like this becase it also deals with the case where downloading
> > installer components fails because of a transient network problem. This
> > will let the user choose to try downloading a component again. It could
> > even let the user choose a new mirror.
> Ah, that would be very good because I've had installations fail at least once 
> because a local mirror was in the middle of updating and already had the new 
> Packages file, but not all the packages :-(
> (I still don't understand why they insist on synchronizing during daytime.)

Unfortunatly, it won't help with the longer download done by
debootstrap. But I'll have it done for anna by tomorrow sometime, just
working out the last bugs now.

see shy jo

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