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Re: [i18n] String Changes in iso-codes

Quoting Steve Langasek (vorlon@debian.org):

> Which is why I stipulated, "assuming we fix the problems regarding the
> translation of languagechooser's short list".  Since this is an
> important bug to be fixed anyway, *and* appears to provide a fix for the
> Taiwan naming issue (in all languages) without editorializing the
> iso-codes package, I'm going to look at trying to make this work.

OK, thanks. I misunderstood you because you mention "languagechooser
short list" while indeed this is *countrychooser* short list.

Beer count 1-1 (we were 0-1 after your work on slang cleaning for
possible bidification with libfribidi).....may become 1-2 if you
happen to get the short list translated.

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