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Re: beta4 status

Joey Hess wrote:
> We've slipped about 1 day on the release, which is not bad.

We've now lost another day to a mess with libc-udeb. The new libc6 was
uploaded with this renamed to libc6-udeb, and libc-udeb has been removed
from unstable. The new glibc is not available for all arches yet, so
some (alpha, arm, ia64, sparc) now lack a libc udeb at all, which makes
it hard to build d-i images for them, and makes the installer not work
if using unstable's udebs.

I've changed the beta4 tree to build against the udebs in testing, but
this means that we can't build final images until the new kbd-chooser
(with the m68k fix) reaches testing, which will happen at next dinstall
at the earliest. After that happens I will upload yet another
debian-installer package and we'll get back on track 2 days late.

> 	- hppa (anything approximating success besides second hand reports
> 	        would be good)
> 	- sparc CD installs, both sparc32 and sparc64
> 		(or it goes back on the errata :-/)
> 	- ia64 (just to confirm that the problems bdale reported to me
> 	        are fixed)
> 	- alpha (just to confirm there's nothing else now that
> 	        debootstrap is fixed)
> 	- i386 full desktop install from full CD

It should still be possible to do this testing, on all arches except for

see shy jo

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