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Re: [deb-installer] Failure at boot loader phase

Joey Hess wrote:

Nicolas Will wrote:
OK, so it finally worked, it just takes an awfuly long time, it says so on the console, but I wasn't expecting it to be that long... Apparently it is linked to the lack of floppy drive in my system.

This is fixed in the daily builds, grub-installer will not probe for a
floppy drive by default.


That floppy drive thing.... On the first choice of hardware detection, I unchecked the floppy part. But then later on during the intall (at least in expert mode) it just inserts the module without asking...and makes grub even longer...

I don't know what would have loaded the floppy module behind your back
in expert mode.

I had the error messages on the consoles, so they must have been due to Grub then.

Please excuse my confusion.

What about the lilo/devfs stuff?


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