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Re: [USABILITY] Usability test of Debian Installer beta 3

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On Wednesday 07 April 2004 20:06, Fabian Fagerholm wrote:
> I'm concentrating on users who have never installed an operating system
> before.

If you're going to use complete newbies for testing, I think you should be 
fair and provide them with relevant information that is freely available.

At least provide them with a version of the manual which _does_ explain about 
scrolling and the sequence of the installation, common problems and how to 
solve them.
Note that the manual is work in progress (just like the installer itself) and 
will change considerably before the final release.

A relatively experienced user will probably try to install Debian without a 
manual (maybe only referring to it if he/she runs into trouble), but I think 
a real newbie would make use of a manual if one is available.

Currently the manual is only publicly available online in HTML, but I can 
provide you with a pdf if you mail me privately.

Also I think you should use the netinst CD installation method and not the 
floppy based one for inexperienced users. They will probably buy a CD-set for 
installation as it is by far the easiest method to get an installation set.

You could even help improve the manual by also providing a usability report on 
that ;-)


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