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Re: Re: [i18n] String Changes in iso-codes

Christian Perrier wrote:
> the zh_TW language.....

Seriously, it shouldn't be zh_(COUNTRY) at *all* -- it's certainly possible
to use traditional Chinese in mainland China and it's done when copying
ancient texts.  The (language)_(country) system is only really appropriate
when the country corresponds to the dialect, which it usually doesn't.

Unfortunately there's no method to specify (language)_(writing-system),
which is what is really wanted.  It would also be useful for other
languages.  For a truly painful example, consider the Central Asian
languages such as Uzbek, which have been written in Arabic, Roman, *and*
Cyrillic alphabets, although the spoken language hasn't really changed that
much.  Also consider oddities like writing in transliteration (Chinese in
Wade-Giles or Pinyin, Japanese in Roman script), languages like
Serbo-Croatian (same language, different alphabets) and... well, you get
the point.

Make sure your vote will count.

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