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Automated xkb/kde/fonts configuration after install

  I have successfully installed Debian totally localized in the Greek 
language. I just selected 'greek' task and everything went smoothly.
There are some visual artifacts in the console, mainly because of 
UTF-8 mode, but these are getting fewer and tasksel is still 1.47 in 
the last netinst cd (and as I understand 1.48 has the UTF-8 fixes).
Now, the installation went ok and I managed to boot into a totally 
localized KDE system but I had to do some extra steps that I believe 
could be automated as well.
These are:
* setting up the fonty debconf value to ISO-8859-7 (for greek in 
* setting up the X keyboard debconf value to 'us,el' and the 
XkbOptions to 'grp:alt_shift_toggle' so that keymap switching is 
possible instantly.
* Configuring KDE to use some truetype font (this one does not get 
configured with debconf and would require tampering of some KDE 
config file (.kderc probably)

Now, is there a package that I could use to incorporate these 
settings? So that before the installation of the aforementioned 
packages I could preset the debconf values so that they don't get 
asked again (or if asked they should at least have a preset value).
I thought about configure-debian, but I'm not sure, perhaps even 
base-config? If not, should I create my own package? I think that 
option is not ideal, as what I'm trying to do is not really that 
specific to greek, I presume other languages would like such a 
automatic configuration. Perhaps there is already such a package, in 
which case I would really appreciate it if you told me about it :-)

Anyway, I have to say that I was really glad to see this work almost 
perfectly and I would like to thank all those people that have stood 
up with my sometimes annoying bug reports :-)
But I have to thank specifically Joey Hess, Christian Perrier and 
Dennis Barbier. I'm really happy right now so if I forget another 
one, please forgive me :-)



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