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Re: "Run Command..." dialog doesn't appear 3.4.0 kcontrol->peripherals->mouse->logitech problem 3.4.0-0pre1 kopete suffering from severe icq bug(s). 3.4.0: broken deps for ksayit ※未承諾と承諾広告■8千万円収入方法提供メルマガ■2億円3億円5億9千万円収入者続出 [OT] My distro is better than your distro (was: Re: kde 3.4 in sid) Re: [OT] My distro is better than your distro (was: Re: kde 3.4 insid) alt-tab behaviour changed Anyone get KSayIt working? apt-get dist-upgrade will remove metapackages Associating files with gvim, purging KWrite? broken package? A bug somewhere, but I can't figure where (CD copying) Re: Bug#306673: kde-devel-extras install fails! building kdepim C-sections may not prevent depression Re: Conflict with packages connecting QT to MySQL crappy widget fonts (KDE? QT?) after upgrade Re: crashes and hangs in KDE 3.4 Error compiling kdebase-3.4.0-0pre3 favicons not displayed anymore File manager super user mode not working Fonts disappeared Re: found: ONLY if read from others is disallowed! German Umlaute in KDE 3.3.2 How to force users to use KDE if logged in by kdm how to get an old version of kpat working with kde in Sarge? How to get the "media:/" protocol to work howto set resolution to 1400x1050 on Toshiba M200? Installing 3.4.0 killed my -dev environment JuK without arts? RE: KDE 3.3.1 screeensaver crash KDE 3.4 Help Center - Build Indices Bug kde 3.4 in sid KDE 3.4: KDE 3.3.2 packages still floating around KDE 3.4: kolabwizard doesn't find its own shared library Re: KDE 3.4: packages that require libc6 (>= 2.3.2.ds1-21) kde menu kde wallpaper bug KDE-3.4.0 and knotes / kontact problem KDE-3.4.0 install kde-devel uninstallable in sarge KDE3.4 on Sid kde3.4: settings:/ and applications:/ kioslave do not work kded hangs in kde 3.4 kdm crashes/freezes KDM locks me out keyboard layout not saved in 3.3.2 Kiosk kmail and s/mime KMix popping up with every KDE login konq cervisia and bookmark toolbar. konqueror crash in 3.4 konqueror device problem Konqueror: Line breaks ignored when viewing Kerneltrap archives kontact segfault loop on 3.4 - maybe 3.3 too? kopete kscreensaver problem KWallet repeatedly asks to access wallet libaspell15 kicks off kde-3.4.0 -dev libkdenetwork2 / libkleopatra0a conflict? mail headers/bodies scrambled Maybe bug in kppp? Minor Issues on unstable=>pre4 upgrade Missing debian menu entries in KDE menu Missing Logitech tab netscape plugins New font defaults for new users - feedback wanted! NTFS resizing (was Re: Kernel 2.6.xx) OpenPGP/Mime in KMail broken in Sarge problem with 3.4-pre Problem with konqueror's stop button/Keramik Problems while removing kvim Re: Problems with Konqueror's Info List View in KDE 3.4 right-click menu option missing Scrolling windows contents leads to temporary freeze and blank areas on the screen Sensitive and Confidential setting the mouse-speed in kde SOLVED: Re: kded hangs in kde 3.4 strange kcontrol crash (3.3.2) Subject=Re: kde3.4: settings:/ and applications:/ kioslave do not work SuperKaramba Memory Sensor Incorrect suspending programs softly This is the Debian-KDE list. (was: Re: kde 3.4 in sid) unsubscibe unsubscribe UNSUSCRIBE. vim upgrade wants to remove kde, kdeaddons, ... Re: vim upgrade wants to remove kde, kdeaddons, ... what happened to Why does kleopatra depend on gnupg2? not available anymore? from Ubuntu together with Debian Sarge/Sid and KDE 3.4 packages from alioth server: mixture of ubuntu and debian packages can be problematic ZeroConf stuff missing in KDE 3.4 packages? The last update was on 17:17 GMT Mon May 18. There are 341 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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