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"Run Command..." dialog doesn't appear

Platform: Intel Pentium M (Dell Latitude D600 laptop),
	  debian sarge (testing/unstable),
	  kicker 3.3.2-1

Typing Alt-F2, or selecting "Run Command..." from the KDE menu doesn't
make the run command dialog appear.

Is there something I can do to make the kicker application log why it
doesn't open it?  Some sort of verbose logging, perhaps?

Are there any other obvious troubleshooting tricks?

Some details on the problem:
When the OS this machine was installed from a sarge netinstall CD on
January 7 (or thereabouts), the "Run command" dialog appeared when I
typed Alt-F2 or selected "Run Command" from the KDE menu.

After some apt-get dist-upgrade, or other, the dialog stopped

It may also be caused by changes done in the control panel.  I have
removed keyboard shortcuts that conflicted with Opera and GNU Emacs.
I did that before doing any apt-get dist-upgrade operations.  Could it
be that my modifications collided somehow with the upgrade...?  How
could I find out?

I have a different sarge machine here with the same version of kicker
installed, that does not have this problem.


- Steinar

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