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Re: kde 3.4 in sid

David Pastern wrote:
> I'd say a great deal many more people would attest to xorg being just as
> stable as xfree86.

Try to read once more, what I wrote -- I did not say a word _against_ X.org
(I suppose, that in the next version of Debian -- I mean post-sarge -- X
will be based on X.org). What I meant is that except of bitrot (which is
not visible yet), it really doesn't matter that much, whether Debian is
based on X.org or XFree86.

> As to Gtams, no it isn't, but i've never heard of it, and no doubt
> wouldn't give a rats ass for it, 

And? Your point is?

> and more than likely a 
> very small percentage of people would use it i'd hazard a very good
> guess to.

What I like about Debian is that it is really The Universal Operating
System, where even packages which clueless ignorants know nothing about are
fully supported and part of the game.

> And it doesn't appear to be in Debian proper either (at least 
> under that package name) - so it's most probably housed on an external
> non Debian repository.  I could most probably find it and add it rather
> quickly if I really needed it.

it leads to http://packages.debian.org/testing/x11/gtamsanalyzer.app. I have
no idea, why it is not called GTams (as on tamsys.sf.net/gtams, which is a
home of upstream).

>> If you are so proud Libranet user, then why you are bitching in Debian
>> list? No one in the world forces you to use (or like) Debian, if you
>> don't like it, if you think that it is just for developers, go and enjoy
>> your Libranet.
> 1.  Because I subscribed to them some time ago when I was using woody.

And ...? Have you heard about command unsubscribe? It may be of use to you.

> 2.  I realise that.  3.  I do.  I've been more productive with Libranet
> than I ever was with Debian.

Go ahead and enjoy Libranet! But why do you bitch here is a question which
was still not answered.

> Someone mentioned that it takes a long time to get Debian working for a
> release because of all the arches it supports.  Why are we wasting time
> on supporting archaic, old and dying arches?  When 95% of the Debian


> Oh, and I paid for my copy of Libranet, did you pay for your copy of
> Debian?  I bet not, 

And your point is? Debian doesn't require donations and what I do for open
source software is none of your business (however, try to search my name on
Google or Google Groups, I did for free software more than bitching about
bad Debian).

Matěj Cepl

Matej Cepl, http://www.ceplovi.cz/matej
GPG Finger: 89EF 4BC6 288A BF43 1BAB  25C3 E09F EF25 D964 84AC
138 Highland Ave. #10, Somerville, Ma 02143, (617) 623-1488
I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they
fly by.
    -- Douglas Adams

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