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Re: 3.4.0 kcontrol->peripherals->mouse->logitech problem

Le Sam 2 Avril 2005 17:13, Robert Lindgren a écrit :
> According  to the helppage
> (help:/kcontrol/mouse/index.html#logitech-mouse) this should be set
> up by the distribution but that doesn't work in debian packages, so
> is there a chance that this will be addressed in any way?

please find out wich group has right on the usb /dev/ entry that 
correspond to your mouse.

if that group isn't root, add yourself in it. if it's not, please open a 
wishlist bug on udev/devfs (I don't know which one you use) and ask 
kindly the maintainer to change the group to one that you can be in.
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