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Re: broken package?

On Saturday 09 April 2005 07:37 am, Alex Nordstrom wrote:
> On Fri, 8 Apr 2005 15:51, hja123 wrote:
> > kopete: Depends :kdelibs4 (>=4:3.3.2-1) but it is not going to be
> > installed. E: Broken packages
> >
> > Is the package broken?
> No. kdelibs4 should be installable, at least in Sid, and I see nothing
> in bugs.debian.org suggesting that it isn't. You need to figure out why
> it isn't installable on your system. Is your package list up to date,
> is your installed packages up to date, and do you have done anything
> unusual to your sources.list?

The best way to see what is wrong is:

apt-get -s install kdelibs4

The -s tells it to not actually do anything, just say what it would do.  
This should tell you what is keeping kdelibs4 (>=4:3.3.2-1) from being 


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