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Scrolling windows contents leads to temporary freeze and blank areas on the screen

Dear Srs,

I have just got sarge installed in a IBM Netfinity 3500, with kde and gnome.
Everything is running smoothly, except for a kde glitch:

When I scroll a window contents (by getting a new line in a console window
or by using the scroll bar in an text editor o web browse),  I frequently
experience a momentary desktop freeze and a blank block appears on the
screen. The freeze then goes away by itself, and the blank area on the scree
can be refreshed by moving an window over it or by triggering somo other
kind of widget repaint.

There is no such problem with gnome. I have tried metacity with KDE
(su - <ret> passwd <ret> /usr/bin/metacity --replace & ,<ret>), but it does
not change anything, the problem remains.

I've googled around for refresh, blank, redraw, scroll, freeze, kde and
stuff like that, and got no relevant hits.

I'm using:
xserver-common   4.3.0.dfsg.1-12.0.1
xserver-xfree86     4.3.0.dfsg.1-12.0.1

The display is:
S3 Savage 4 (rev.02), running at 1600x1200, 24bit

Does anyone have experienced this? Any hints?

Thanks a lot,

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