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Re: ZeroConf stuff missing in KDE 3.4 packages?

  (Jakub, this is a reply to a mail [1] in the debian-kde mailing list,
  which asks why our KDE 3.4 packages don't include ZeroConf support.)

    [1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-kde/2005/04/msg00092.html

* Sebastian Ley [Wed, 06 Apr 2005 01:42:48 +0200]:
> Hello,

  Hello Sebastian,

> I just tried out the new KDE 3.4 packages from Alioth. Except for a filename 
> clash between kmail and kdebase-data which needed manual intervention 
> (manually upgrade kdebase-data beforehand), installation went smoothly. 
> Thanks for the good work!

> However I noticed that the ZeroConf stuff is not packaged. There is an ioslave 
> and perhaps other stuff which I would have liked to play with. Is there any 
> reason why it is not packaged?

  Yes, because mDNSResponder is not in Debian. Some relevant facts:

    - there is a mdnsresponder package in Debian, but it comes from the
      'howl' source package. From what I've read (from KDE dnssd/INSTALL
      file), it doesn't contain the _original_ mDNSResponder from Apple,
      but a forked version.

    - howl is being removed from Debian (see bug #289856), because
      contains code licensed under the APSL, which is considered
      non-DFSG free by debian-legal. AFAIK, other distributions as
      Ubuntu are removing it too.

    - in theory someone could package the original Apple version and put
      it in non-free or something, but I don't know how would one make
      kdelibs use that (IOW, how would one split kdelibs and the rest of

    - I believe GNOME is moving away from Howl, and that a new library
      (Avahi [2]) written from scratch is being pushed. In [3], it says
      "this projects seems dead unfortunately", but that may no longer
      be the case. Still, I have no idea if KDE upstream keeps an eye on
      this project, or has any plans on using it some day. (Upstream
      CC'ed to gather information about this.)

        [2] http://freedesktop.org/Software/Avahi
        [3] http://wiki.kde.org/tiki-index.php?page=Zeroconf%20in%20KDE


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