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Re: netscape plugins

Same here. Since I upgraded to kde 3.4pre, flashplugin explodes anytime it 
wants...randomly :\


Rafael Rodríguez

El Martes, 19 de Abril de 2005 17:41, Adrian von Bidder escribió:
> They work.  They don't.  They work.  They don't.
> Arrgh!
> Anybody has an idea where the blame usually lies?  I guess it's some too
> lose dependencies between konqueror and all the libraries that are needed
> to load flash (the only netscape plugin I use.)
> With a constant flashplugin version (since updates are not so frequent), it
> keeps changing from working to non-working and back, depending on the
> daily/weekly apt-get upgrade run.
> Currently, konqueror and most of KDE is 3.4.0-0presomething.  Apparently
> one or two libraries are missing, or the ABI is truly broken.
> cheers
> -- vbi

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