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Re: alt-tab behaviour changed

On Wednesday 13 April 2005 23:13, Nick Leverton wrote:
> If I use Alt-Tab to switch to another program, KDE now prefixes the
> list of program names with the desktop name, e.g. "Desktop 1: konsole".
> This is blooming annoying as it's just noise, cluttering the alt-tab
> display and making it harder to scan it for the program I want, when
> every item in the list is now called "Desktop".
> I don't care which desktop I left the program on, why does KDE insist
> on cluttering the list ?  KDE desktop settings are split across so many
> different config screens, that I can't even tell if there's a way to turn
> off the prefix to the task list - if there is then please be gentle and
> just tell me how !

Have a look at - 
	Desktop -> Windows Behaviour -> Focus  -> Navigation


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