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Re: SuperKaramba Memory Sensor Incorrect

> I noticed that SuperKaramba reports memory usage differently to the free and 
> vmsize commands when you select the format="%umb" option (described as "Used 
> memory in megabytes (cache and buffers excluded)." on the SuperKaramba 
> sensors page [1]). 
> The memory usage appears to be considerably lower than that reported by the 
> free command. For example, at the moment free outputs the following:
>              total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
> Mem:        386948     383360       3588          0      26488     105076
> -/+ buffers/cache:     251796     135152
> Swap:       562232     355856     206376
> whereas my SuperKaramba theme reports the used memory excluding cache and 
> buffers to be 210Mb (instead of 251796/1024=246Mb).
> I had a look at the source code in the Debian package. The memory usage is 
> found by parsing the /proc/meminfo file. The MemSensor::getCached() function 
> calculates the amount of cache as the total "Cached" and "SwapCached" memory 
> and the free memory is calculated using this value. This means that the 
> reported free memory is lower than that reported by "free" by the amount of 
> SwapCached memory. I'm pretty sure that this is wrong as SwapCached relates to 
> the swap partition rather than the physical memory, but I wanted to run it 
> past you guys before filing a bug. Also, is this better filed with the Debian 
> BTS or upstream?
> Using pure Sid, stock kernel 2.6.8, SuperKaramba version 0.35-2.
> [1] http://netdragon.sourceforge.net/ssensors.html

Submitted to Debian BTS: #306583



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