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Re: New font defaults for new users - feedback wanted!

On April 8, 2005 12:40, Bastian Venthur wrote:
> Hendrik Sattler wrote:
> >> Personaly I find "dpi" as it pretty useless for monitor-description,
> >> since we have already all data needed: 1280x1024 (19'') for example.
> >> But i admint, that i may have not fully understood this hole
> >> "graphics-thingy".
> >
> > Right, you did not. But I'll explain: fonts have e.g. a selected size
> > of 12pt. 1pt = 1/72 inch. So you must know, how many pixels an inch is.
> > It's that easy.
> Ok I see my error: I allways thought an 8px font has to be 8pixles high.
> I think if you calculate your monitor-dpi correctly it turns out, that an
> 8px font *is* 8pixles high -- if this is true, I wonder why we need this
> dpi-stuff anyway?

No. If dpi is set correctly, an 8 point font will be 8/72 of an inch high, a 
point being 1/72 of an inch.

> Ok but I remember me having calculated the dpi of my monitors "by hand"
> many times, so I think It would be nice to have some config tool done
> this for me. It can't be to hard: during installation of x or kde the
> tool could check if my monitor gives the data it needs to calculate
> automaticly, if not just ask how many inches this monitor has and
> calculate the dpi by given resolution.

Well, if you X is set up correctly (is using ddc) and your monitor isn't 
ancient, it should calculate the value. Why it doesn't work for you I can't 
say. In any case, a calculator (and maybe a ruler, if you don't know your 
monitor's viewable size) is all that's required. Or, better yet, set 
"Display Size" in your X config file, then X will calculate your dpi based 
on that information.

Christopher Martin

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