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Re: KDM locks me out

> After installing KDE 3.4 and KDM 3.4.0-0pre3 specifically, I found to my
> displeasure after restarting that KDM won't let me in. I can't type in
> the password field and after each keypress the widgets in the login
> window are locked. I can access the menu item for restart, but that's
> about all I can do. I noticed, that the only two session types offered
> are "default" and "failsafe", notably no "KDE". Without being able to
> type, though, I can't login anyway. Also, I can't switch to another
> virtual console.
> To get in, I had to boot in single user mode an disable KDM. Now, I
> don't think this is a bug in KDM, rather some kind of misconfiguration
> on my part. Any ideas what might be causing this behavior?

No, but it is worth a try to wipe KDM's configuration and reinstall.  I
suggest apt-get --purge remove kdm, rm -rf /etc/kde3/kdm (careful here!),
then apt-get install kdm.  Good luck, Andrew.

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