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Re: ZeroConf stuff missing in KDE 3.4 packages?

Am Mittwoch, 6. April 2005 03:30 schrieb Adeodato Simó:
> * Sebastian Ley [Wed, 06 Apr 2005 01:42:48 +0200]:
> > However I noticed that the ZeroConf stuff is not packaged. There is an
> > ioslave and perhaps other stuff which I would have liked to play with. Is
> > there any reason why it is not packaged?
>   Yes, because mDNSResponder is not in Debian. Some relevant facts:
>     - there is a mdnsresponder package in Debian, but it comes from the
>       'howl' source package. From what I've read (from KDE dnssd/INSTALL
>       file), it doesn't contain the _original_ mDNSResponder from Apple,
>       but a forked version.

"Your IP-enabled devices even magically appear in your DNS
namespace, with a DNS name ending in ".local"."

Oh, that's really new. In fact, that stuff would interfere with my current 
local domain that's named, you guess it, ".local" and that's based on DHCP 
with DDNS. Adding SLP would make it probably equal to zeroconf?

>     - in theory someone could package the original Apple version and put
>       it in non-free or something,

Maybe you'll find a non-CVS download location first? The tarball at
is outdated (version 58.8 instead of the mentioned version 87) and it seems to 
be impossible to get another version with registering :-(
The wiki page also says:
"Howl was created because in the past Apple's code was not multiplatform and 
used APSL license for client libraries making it impossible to link with GPL 
code. Those problems have been fixed with Apple's client code now under the 
BSD and currently Howl has no technical advantages over mDNSResponder."

BSD license looks not so bad, depends on which BSD license they use (and that 
would have to be verified first, too).

>       but I don't know how would one make 
>       kdelibs use that (IOW, how would one split kdelibs and the rest of
>       stuff).

Just like you include lame in the audiocd-KIO-Slave? Dlopen it.

>     - I believe GNOME is moving away from Howl, and that a new library
>       (Avahi [2]) written from scratch is being pushed. In [3], it says
>       "this projects seems dead unfortunately", but that may no longer
>       be the case. Still, I have no idea if KDE upstream keeps an eye on
>       this project, or has any plans on using it some day. (Upstream
>       CC'ed to gather information about this.)

I'd rather be in favour of pushing SLP in local networks instead of this 
zeroconf stuff...

What will happen to "lisa" in KDE, then? Will it go away?


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