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A bug somewhere, but I can't figure where (CD copying)

Hi everyone,
	I'm confused by the following problem:
If I 
1) mount a CD-ROM by clicking on the device icon on the desktop.
2) Copy the data from that CD to hard disk with cp from the command line
(in a konsole that was NOT started from the konqueror window with the CD
3) The CD is dodgy and there are i/o errors in the copy.
4) Close the konqueror window that is viewing the CD (via control-Q or
the menu).

It is then not possible to unmount or eject the CD-ROM. fuser -mav
/cdrom1 tells me that a kdeinit process still has the cd or something on
it open.

Killing that kdeinit process kills most of my konqueror filemanager
windows showing that it is konqueror and not konsole that is holding the
cd device.

If there are no i/o errors there is no problem.

I'm using KDE 3.3.2 from Sarge on x86.

Does anyone have any clues as to which component is likely to be at


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