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Re: ZeroConf stuff missing in KDE 3.4 packages?

Dnia środa, 6 kwietnia 2005 03:30, Adeodato Simó napisał:
>   (Jakub, this is a reply to a mail [1] in the debian-kde mailing list,
>   which asks why our KDE 3.4 packages don't include ZeroConf support.)
>     [1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-kde/2005/04/msg00092.html
> * Sebastian Ley [Wed, 06 Apr 2005 01:42:48 +0200]:
> > Hello,
>   Hello Sebastian,
> > I just tried out the new KDE 3.4 packages from Alioth. Except for a
> > filename clash between kmail and kdebase-data which needed manual
> > intervention (manually upgrade kdebase-data beforehand), installation
> > went smoothly. Thanks for the good work!
> >
> > However I noticed that the ZeroConf stuff is not packaged. There is an
> > ioslave and perhaps other stuff which I would have liked to play with. Is
> > there any reason why it is not packaged?
>   Yes, because mDNSResponder is not in Debian. Some relevant facts:
>     - there is a mdnsresponder package in Debian, but it comes from the
>       'howl' source package. From what I've read (from KDE dnssd/INSTALL
>       file), it doesn't contain the _original_ mDNSResponder from Apple,
>       but a forked version.
>     - howl is being removed from Debian (see bug #289856), because
>       contains code licensed under the APSL, which is considered
>       non-DFSG free by debian-legal. AFAIK, other distributions as
>       Ubuntu are removing it too.
>     - in theory someone could package the original Apple version and put
>       it in non-free or something, but I don't know how would one make
>       kdelibs use that (IOW, how would one split kdelibs and the rest of
>       stuff).

Maybe 'alternatives' system could be used for that? All you need is to replace 
'stub' /usr/lib/kdnssd.so.1 with real thing linked to libdns_sd.so (coming 
from mDNSResponder). So there would be mdnsresponder in non-free and kdnssd 
in contrib that replaces stub libkdnssd.so.1 from kdelibs.

>     - I believe GNOME is moving away from Howl, and that a new library
>       (Avahi [2]) written from scratch is being pushed. In [3], it says
>       "this projects seems dead unfortunately", but that may no longer
>       be the case.

After quick glance it seems that it is still in 'does not yet contain much 
code' phase as it was for long time. It is just copy of mdnsd from 

>       Still, I have no idea if KDE upstream keeps an eye on 
>       this project, or has any plans on using it some day. (Upstream
>       CC'ed to gather information about this.)

Right now there are no plans because because Apple's mdnsresponder is just 
much better. But it Avahi is going to be improved then maybe it can be added 
as alternative backend (to be used if mdnsresponder is not found).

>         [2] http://freedesktop.org/Software/Avahi
>         [3] http://wiki.kde.org/tiki-index.php?page=Zeroconf%20in%20KDE
>   Cheers,

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